The Pits-Uncle Mutt’s Bar-B-Q

When you’re traveling the Great Coastal Texas Barbecue Trail, you can always count on Uncle Mutt’s Bar-B-Q to be available with some mouth-watering ‘cue. It is the only joint on the trail open 7 days a week, and is open for both lunch and dinner every day. Being open so many hours in a week demands a quality pit, and theirs delivers. Uncle Mutt’s uses an Oyler wood-fired rotisserie made by J&R Manufacturing of Mesquite, TX. Pitmaster Johnathan Arterberry says the pit is about three years old, replacing the previous pit that had been in service for over 32 years! Their current pit is at a great age; it’s old enough to be well-seasoned but new enough to still run efficiently. Uncle Mutt’s Oyler can hold approximately 60 briskets, making it perfect for their high demand and caterings too. Many see a rotisserie pit and think that it uses natural gas, but the Oyler pit only uses wood to provide the necessary heat. Uncle Mutt’s uses only oak wood, a staple among Texas barbecue joints renowned for its gentle smokiness and even heat. The Oyler pit combines the best of both worlds; the true smoke flavor of a wood fire and the rotisserie that evenly cooks all the meats in the pit. The rotisserie feature means that the pitmaster does not have to spend a lot of time moving the meat around during a cook, and frees up the staff of Uncle Mutt’s to perfect other items on their menu like their incredible sides. In what is arguably the largest variety of sides on the trail, patrons on Uncle Mutt’s are able to accentuate their plates with steamed cabbage, fried corn, mashed or grilled potatoes, fried okra, their “Almost World Famous Rice”, and more.  Whether it’s lunch or dinner and you’ve got a hankerin’ for some authentic smoked barbecue, Uncle Mutt’s is your place!

Uncle Mutt’s Bar-B-Q
5404 N. Navarro St.
Victoria, TX 77904
Open 7 Days a Week 10:30AM-9PM