Shake It Up

Brisket, ribs, and sausage. Also known as the “Texas Trinity”, this is essentially the backbone of Texas barbecue. Chances are you would find this at most Texas BBQ joints, and while different cooking methods and seasonings can provide a bit of variety it can be refreshing to see a BBQ joint provide menu options that are a little different. One of the great things about the Coastal Texas Barbecue Trail is that you can absolutely find a variety of incredible meals to enjoy, while still getting your traditional BBQ fix. One of the most renowned trail joints specializing in off-the-wall (for a BBQ joint) dishes is KB’s BBQ. On their menu you can find loaded chicken and pulled pork avocados, smoked salmon stuffed with crab and shrimp, brisket-topped smoked burgers, and their famous smoked meatloaf. The Fire Pit features a Victoria culinary institution, Maggie’s Chicken Salad, as well as brisket tacos topped with pico de gallo. The smoked turkey at Mumphord’s Place BBQ is arguably one of their best meats, and is perfectly juicy with a great smoke flavor. At QP Smokehouse, be sure to try one of their loaded baked potatoes, they are delicious and very filling. If you can get a smoked rib eye at McMillan’s Bar-B-Q please do so because they are incredible. Take a break from the typical barbecue experience and check out all the variety on the Great Coastal Texas Barbecue Trail!