To thine own self be Grillin’

Waiting on a man to barbeque got to be inconvenient. Up until the summer of 2004 I never thought about firing up the pit myself. It was something “they” did—meaning men. I perfected my potato salad recipe while “they” barbequed.

That summer my Old Smokey became a great friend of mine while I taught myself to bbq. I started with chicken legs quarters and, though the first batch was more like chicken jerky, it only took four more attempts before I got the hang of it. I moved on to other meats as my confidence grew. The day came to do the daddy of all bbq meats—The Brisket.

After much research and interviewing pit masters in the area I cranked up the pit and dedicated the next 7 hours to that brisket. Wow-it was great even my first time out! I decide then I officially became one of “them”. I thank my lucky stars, though, that I live here in the midst of The Great Coastal Texas BBQ Trail because that brisket was a lot of work! I’m happy knowing I can do it but even happier knowing I can walk into any one of these places on the trail and get great bbq anytime I want.—-Bridgette “Grillin”-Postel