Trail Riders Say it Best

October 21, 2015 BBQ Joints ,

I’m thinking the best way to launch this blog is let the trail riders speak for themselves—these Three Amigos really say it best:

Hey Victoria Convention and Visitors Bureau–just want you to know how much we are enjoying our “trek” along the Great Coastal Texas Barbecue Trail! Not only are we thrilled with our new shirts, we have indeed experienced the BEST BBQ to be found ANYWHERE!

We’ve visited 5 of the 7 sites over a few weeks, and will complete the Trail soon. Bill pointed out that each place has very efficient and friendly service, and Carol says, “Just don’t ask us to pick a favorite!” Ray observed that the places feature true professionals in their craft who rightfully take pride in their TEXAS BBQ!! Being local, Ray “cheated” and has visited all seven and is assuring Bill and Carol that they will be just as impressed when they return to Victoria and the Three Amigos visit those last two stops together.

Our thanks to all the proprietors for their first-class BBQ, and to Bridgette and the folks with Victoria’s Convention Bureau. This is a wonderful way to promote another facet of Victoria’s attractiveness! If you have not made your plans to do so, we urge you to join friends and put the Victoria area’s Barbecue Trail on your list of outings.

Bill Robins of Katy Texas, Carol Hicks of Houston, and Ray Goodwin of Victoria (their trail boss)

Our sincerest appreciation!